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In stock now:

Dinosaurs of New Mexico poster (18 x 24)

  •  $30.00

  • Printed on 100 lb. matte paper 

  • A selection of dinosaurs that were first found in NM or only found there. From the famous Coelophysis to the recently described Terminocavus. 

  • Created with the aim of highlighting the diversity of the Cretaceous fossils found in the land of enchantment.  

  • There's more to New Mexico than just "Breaking Bad"! 

Parasaurolophus Sticker 

  • 4inch vinyl die cut sticker - $3 

  • Of NM Dino poster fame

  • *Trumpet sound*

Raptor Pack Stickers

  • Three separate 4 inch vinyl stickers $10 

  • A sticker pack of Raptors!

  • Includes: Velociraptor, RaptorRobb "Birds are Dinosaurs" and Dineobellator from the NM Dino Poster

  • Become the Alfa of this awesome pack

  • Sketchbook not included. Obviously. 

Dilophosaurus sticker

  • 4 inch Vinyl sticker - $2.50 (Sold Out!)

  • not the spitting kind

Dimetrodon sticker

  • 3 inch vinyl sticker- $2 (in stock)

  • Not a dinosaur, but still cool

"Tops" the Triceratops sticker

  • 3inch vinyl sticker-$2 (Sold Out!)

  • kinds looks like a chocolate chip cookie with horns... 

"Leviathan" print, signed

  • Only 2 prints left!

  • 12.5 x 17 " matte finish- $80

"After the Ambush" signed print, 11 x 14

  • In Stock

  • $20

  • Original done in acrylic paint

  • Stego has thwarted an attempt at being predated upon by an over confident predator. ​

"A History of Violence" signed print, 11 x 14


  • $20

  • Digital artwork 

  • A project from grad-school, illustrating one of my favorite paper's, by          Dr. Andy Farke

  • Celebrate some good-natured intraspecific combat to earn the right to mate

You will receive an email order confirmation within 1 to 2 business days, along with a charge to the account you specified. Payments can only be made via Paypal or Venmo

The final price charged to the account will include shipping cost. 

Additional Shipping Fees:

  • Stickers only — $2.00 USD (US) / $4.00 USD (international) — envelope and backing card for support

  • Prints 5″x10″ and up — $7.00 USD (US) / $20.00 USD (international) — capped poster tube and paper

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping; expedited shipping available for additional fees, please contact for details.

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