About the Artist


It began with a toy Stegosaurus gifted to me by my Father that sparked my interest in Paleoart. Having never seen an animal like it, my young mind was blown. The creature’s alien form invited me to discover the time and place it came from and drawing became the only suitable means of exploration. Crayons and construction paper slowly gave way to watercolor and Photoshop; with each tooth and horn I drew, I not only learned of Dinosaurs, but about myself and my creative identity as well. In my quest for understanding, I began developing interests in natural science, evolutionary-biology, and the stories they tell.

I still draw Dinosaurs, not from a residual boyhood fascination, but because of all we stand to learn from extinct animals and the stories that echo from the ageless stone.



Graduate Cert. - Science Illustration, California State University

Monterey Bay

BFA - Illustration, Maryland Institute College of Art


Select clients and projects

Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology2019

City of Nibley, Firefly Park interpretive panels: 2019-2020

Stokes Nature Center: 2020

The Common Descent Podcast: 2020